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You need help regarding your website or you want to launch a new product and you don't know exactly how to promote it efficiently?

We are here for you!

Responsive Web Design

You need a website to expand your growing business in the online environment?

Your current website is old and obsolete given the latest trends or is not optimised for mobile devices?

Graphic Design

You need a flyer to help boost the sales of your new product?

You want to post something interesting on social media but you don't have an awesome personalised graphic?

Marketing Strategy

You want to launch a new product and you don't know how to reach your customers efficiently?

You want to expand the reach of your business and be closer to your customers on social media but you don't know exactly how?

We can help with all of these!

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We invite you to see below some of the projects we've been involved in:


Graphic Design

New website

Web Design

Website makeover

Web Design

Product poster

Graphic Design

New website

Web Design


Graphic Design


Graphic Design

Who does all this?

At the moment, Scorpius Works is a one-man-show :)

Marius Porcolean - Owner & Founder

Marius Porcolean

Owner & Founder

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If you're a passionate young web developer, graphic designer or your friends told you that you have fantastic communication skills, don't hesitate to write us and maybe we'll be colleagues soon!



A few words about the story behind Scorpius Works.

  • 1996

    First contact with IT

    I was 1996 when, Marius, the founder of Scorpius Works, who was a primary school student at that time, makes contact for the first time with the IT world via a 166 MHz Pentium 1 and the fascination generated by the "weird box" has not stopped even after more than 20 years :)

  • 2015

    First steps towards a business IT

    After years of professional experience accumulated in other fields of work, in 2015, Marius, already fed up by the boring work as a Sales Manager at a car showroom of a world-renowned brand, decides it's time to focus on his old passion, practiced until that time only as a hobby and starts developing a website along with some graphic projects

  • March 2016

    Company registration

    To work legally, Scorpius Works SRL is registered, with the purpose of delivering top quality services at affordable costs on the niches of Web Design, Graphic Design and Marketing

  • July 2016

    Transition to full-time IT

    As the market was giving signs that there was a high demand of such services, Marius takes the decision to quit his job so that he can focus full-time on Scorpius Works' activities. At this time some new projects came up, some of which you most definitely will see in the portfolio soon enough.

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